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Brake Shoes


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I use the grooved Bantam / Cub shoes from Mick Ash,(RIgid Ajay,Rickman hubs) they will also go in my Ariel,(Alan Whittton hubs) when it goes together. On my last Ariel it had a Leader front hub and I got Villiers services to reline them.They were good even when wet,only gave up when they,(And me) nearly drowned at the Talmag in 2014....

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Ian campbell

Relines your old shoes to whatever size you want

Tell him its for a trials bike and he will fit linings

That actually work , and work when wet... (In my experience )

He rides a classic trials bike and knows exactly what you need\want

To get the best possible brake :

1: Skim\True brake drum. Then mount oversize relined brakes on lathe and turn to fit


2: not easy to get drum skimmed but anyone with access to a lathe can turn oversize linings to fit (may have to relieve lip on drum with file or die grinder\dremel )


3: measure the internal dia of drum then tell ian the size and he can make oversize to fit

After that it's where do you stop ! You can get rid of ovality in pivot bush, strengthen and extend bush and mounting, alter length of arm .......

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