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Tech Folks Oil Capacity

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Can any one please confirm to me the amount of oil in the 2015 Tech front folks as in the manual it states 400ml

but this seems excessive to what came out and the manual doesn't quote Tech folks .Thanks

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According to the 2015 Montesa manual, the Tech forks area as follows

Specified fluid (left and right): Tech OJ-01 (SAE 5)

Oil capacity (left and right): 400ml

Standard oil level (left and right): 50mm from top of tube

(Edit: 75mm for the Gas Gas with aluminium Tech forks)

The oil capacity shown is after a complete dismantling of the components. You would remove substantially less than that when doing a simple change. The important thing is to set the level correctly.

If this is for a 2015 Montesa then you should have got a proper owners/service manual with the bike and it covers both the Tech and Showa forks. If it is for a Gas Gas then this advice may not be accurate as there are a number of different versions of the Tech forks out there.


Brisbane Australia.

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