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Ignition Timing


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I have a 1967 Montesa Impala....


Motoplat ignition....


Would anyone know the setting for the timing....I have been told 3mm before TDC.....but am not too sure if this is correct....


And what is the best method for doing this...





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The Motoplat flywheel should have a small hole in the face that corresponds with a similar hole in the stator at the firing coil. You push a small (2.5mm or so) drill through both holes to lock the flywheel at the firing point. Hopefully, that should measure as the correct distance BTDC. If not, pull the flywheel and advance or retard the stator on the 3 adjusting screws, replace the flywheel (not too tight) and check again before tightening the flywheel. Remember, right hand side Montesa flywheels have left hand threads on the centre nuts.


All data I have for Montesa gives 3.0mm BTDC




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