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1979 Registered 348 Cota


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Hi, new member to TC and 348 Montesa's.

I'm trying to replace the crank seals on my 348 but I'm unable to remove the clutch basket! I would have expected the basket to lift off the shaft fairly easily once the nut, lock washer and clutch pack are removed but mine seems to be stuck!! Could the bearing be stuck on the shaft? Do I need a puller?

Any advise would be appreciated. 


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It can be done by holding with both hands and pulling while someone gentle taps the end of the shaft with a dead blow hammer.


Or a puller works nicely. You'll find that with a puller you will need very little pressure before it starts to move.


Once you get it to move, remove it very slowly as there will be 3 metal dowels, which hold the clutch basket on the shaft. Don't lose these.

Just for future reference, the clutch can be removed as a unit with all the plates and springs inside. All you do is flatten down the washer and undo the nut. It will then slide off with some pressure.

Good luck

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Hi samwisemcg, thanks for the info I'll try again one night this week. No I haven't got the primary gear off yet.. Having read some of the posts on here I suspect i'm going to have problems with that too.. I think a trip to the local tool shop is needed for some pullers and some heat! Thanks again  ;)

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After going through a number of pullers (4) I bought one like this. It cost around £25 on ebay.

I tried bigger pullers and hydraulic pullers but they all had trouble getting behing the primary and would keep slipping off. This style puller works great because you can get behind small gears such as the primary and big gears such as the clutch basket.


Have a read through this, it may help http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/52817-montesa-348-success-story/#entry377405

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Good timing.


I'm re-building a 1981 Cota 248.


I have finished all the cycle parts and have now started on the engine this weekend. (Tank / seat unit picture)


Crankshaft weight came off easily with puller M30 x 1.5 RH.


Clutch and basket came off easily. I'd already spotted the 3 pins inside the part holding the clutch basket on.


Now stopped because like 79Cota348, I cannot move the primary gear.


Samwisemcg. That puller looks right. Can you post up the e bay number please.




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At last, it's off.... That was a lot tougher than I thought it could be!

4 visits to eBay for pullers, heat gun and freeze spray...

In the end it took a lot of pressure on the puller and a number of good hammer blows on the end of the shaft.

Thanks for all the advise fellas.




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