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Beta 80 Fuel Tap


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The Fuel taps are junk even on the newer bikes, You can strip them and give them a clean, There's usually swarf from the threads that jams them up.


A rubber washer under the rear tank mount is also a good idea to give the tap a bit more clearance so you can actually get your fingers on it.


Failing that change to the older style push pull tap surprisingly cheap for a Beta part!!!!




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Funny that..... Yes he did have the issue at the trial.....


I got the bike out bike of the VAN went to start it and nothing...... so I thought it was a carb issue, and when I took the carb off, the fuel line come off as well, and I though to my self 'oh no the fuel is still on.....' thats when I noticed no fuel coming out, twisted the fuel tap a little and then fuel started dribbling out, so I quickly put ib back together and bike started first kick.


I then went to observer and my mate was riding with my son and then when they hadnt come through my section I started to worry and then another friend so to me, 'your mate had your boys card off again not sure what the issue is but its all going again now..... SAME ISSUE.


So thats when I thought must get rid of that stupid tap....


Cheers John ;-)

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Had same issues on both beta 50 and 80. I managed to get the original tap fully open and then fitted one of these in the line. Leaving the original beta one in the always open position.




These are easy for the kids to turn and you can see straight away if the fuel in on or off.





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im glad Ive found this thread

After a couple of used trials bikes my son was ready for a big wheel 80 and the beta seemed the bike most popular, so we decided not to fanny about and invested over 3k on a new one. Based on him riding it for about 3 yrs its well worth buying a new one.

However since day one it has never ran right!

My evo16 200 runs perfect and allways starts 1st time and ticks over.

But this bloody 80 has never been great, it occasionally bogs on blipping to lift over an obstacle for example, riding through a stream section it starts to misfire and you have to tease the throttle to keep it running, after a few minutes its fine again until the next time its in water?

Tried moving cdi away from moisture, sealing stator cover, changing plug cap because that went green within two weeks!!

Im going to check the float levels again and also the fuel tap as you mention here.

Beta uk hardly any help, suggesting all the stuff anyone would usually check, but no never had a problem with any other bikes! hard to believe.

Puts me off another Beta TBH, gasser or TRS next time!


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Thanks Roger

Been out today after adjusting float levels and all is good with it bogging and ticking over niceley, so a combination of dirt in the carb possibly and wrong float height from new?

Still terrified of the streams tho!

First stream he went through which was probably 6" deep it died, yet yesturday I had it running in the yard whilst spraying hose everywhere at all angles and not a sausage of a misfire and didnt cut out.

So as you say Roger it could make sense about the drain tubes, ill give it a try before I call John Lampkin and pick his brain, loads of kids in british championship and Harry Hemmingway ride these, so dont tell me none of these bikes do this its only my lads?



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