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2008 4Rt Starts, Runs, Revs, But Dies On Full Trottle


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Got me stumped this one

Starts first kick, will tickover for ages. Will rev up if throttle opened slowly. Snap throttle open to full throttle and it sounds Luke it's going to die but keeps running .Knock throttle off and it ticks over again

I have put new plug in, cleaned out internals of throttle body, plenty of fuel, clean air filter

Any ideas

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I had that exact same problem on my 2009 4rt, turned out to be the throttle position sensor in the throttle body. I removed the cover and made a small shim so the throttle went to 99% only and it solved it...saved replacing the throttle body. My assumption was that the TPS sensed 101%, and ecu decided that isn't possible so gets its self I a bit of a twist. If you can borrow one maybe try someone else's throttle body.

Hope this helps.

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I saw one run just as poorly as described...turned out to be a loose exhaust manifold. :huh:

My thoughts when I read post 1

Happened to me at a trial

Lost one of the 2 header nuts, but it wasn't loose, just weeping enough to cause the symptoms above

Managed to finish the Trial though

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Mine was fine for the 8 months or so that owned the bike for after that. I sold it then to get another 4rt. Not because it was a problem, just because I wanted a 260cc 4rt.

Cheers Matt

Got a new 2015 last year but put my old PTB on it. Had a couple of instance of when going for a big handful it started missing - will try a stop to see of its that. 

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