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Help Please! Bike Problems


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You need to speak to Citizens Advice. I am near 100% certain that terms "like sold as seen" or no "warranty implied or given" no longer enable a dealer or even "multiple" private seller to sell something that is not fit for purpose or of merchantable quality.

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Oh ok. Something I didn't know.. Thanks for the advice. I think it's only fair to speak to the dealer first and go from there. If needs be in guess that will be the way to start things. If not a a big hole or a match may have the desired effect!

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Thanks, I thought 05 onwards changed to black forks. At the very least it's an 06 with 04 or earlier forks on it then.

Found the original add that was online and it's advertised as an 05. My receipt is an 06.

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In all the recent goings on forgot to update this. In the end things got sorted out. Ended up with a txt pro, albeit it did pop the thermostat second ride but such is life! Either way I'm out doing some falling off again.

Thanks all for the help, much appreciated ☺

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