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Beta Rev 200 2004 A Few Questions.

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picked a beta rev 200 2004 to go with my gas gas 125 txt pro.


a couple of questions which in my haste forgot to ask



1/ which is the best spark plug for it. and whats the gap setting.


2/ gear stroke clutch oil which is the best to use fuel pipe breather pipe there wasn't one on but I assume there should be but unlike my gas gas no visible sign of were the free end goes as on the gassa it tucks between centre of tank and handlebars stroke  forks.


3/ anything to keep an eye on look out for clutch is annoying but tend to rock it back and forth in 2nd seems to free it off quickly before starting it up.[cheers for that tip craig]



well happy with it kicks up first second kick no problems same as my gassa but sounds like a tank compared to my gassa which hums like a sewing machine. but no unusual bangs rattles etc and are both spot on.  

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The tank breather pipe is normally just couple inches long just sits there on the tank cap .Champion spark plug N7YCC ,550cc gearbox oil 20w40. from empty.But i used ATF i know  lot of ppl frown using this,changed it every few trials cos it's cheap enough and never had any problems.Also there is a clutch mod if you check the Beta forum out.Iv'e had both Pro 125 and cpl Rev 3's The Pro felt a lot lighter,but prefered the suspension on the Beta.each to there own .


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intend keeping both bikes problem at the moment is getting out and now forecast a cold snap . I had rode a rev 200 a couple of times before buying one found it was a lot more controllable than the gassa were I am less likely to launch it and lose control especially when going up an incline due to snappy throttle. to be honest both  the bikes are both far more capable than I ever will be but was wondering is there anything I need to keep an eye on the beta.

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ATF is fine, I've used it in various bikes for years. On my sons bike I changed to Putoline Nano Trans to try and make the clutch more progressive but now it sticks when cold, Never had a sticking problem with ATF but it does make the clutch a bit sharper.



Plug wise I prefer a bp6es, It runs a bit cleaner in winter if you use low revs alot,  Bp7es is better in hotter climates and summer it will help if it pinks, Ive always used 0.7 to 0.8mm gap.

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