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As with a lot of the bigger trials the entries are by ballot. Is everyone in the ballot? are there seeded riders? Who's in and who's out. As always all the well known names are on the first list. Imagine Lampkin or someone like on the reserve list and not getting in. Would this be possible?  Is the system a fair one? I've no axe to grind, just something I've been thinking about. Who would know the answer?                                         cheers  Tom

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I see, thanks for that link. It seems its been talk about in length.  I have absolutely no problem with the way its run and organised.

One day i hope to compete myself.


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The ballot for the Scottish was always 'an issue' with some people, but for years there was a quiet understanding that if you were not lucky in the ballot, then immediately get in touch and volunteer to help as an observer, marshal, tea-maker or whatever and go and take part in the event anyway.


That wouldn't get you any Brownie points in the ballot next year, but it often seemed that those who had volunteered and subsequently helped were not treated any differently in the next ballot - the ballot is a ballot - but might well find themselves on the reserve list if anyone succesfull in the ballot was unable to take up their entry when the day arrived.........


In any case, it is a win, win situation - because just being part of it all is an experience.

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29 Vertigos. Surprisingly high number.

101 Betas, only 39 Gassers, 40 Sherco, 17 Scorpa, 50 Mont, (+ 3 Honda) 4 TRS, 6 Jota and 5 Ossa.


I bet that's a major difference to previous years in terms of numbers of the different makes.

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I don't know what the Edinburgh club are playing at.


I asked to be put with Dougie and I'm nowhere near him.


Even worse they've put me with a crowd of haggis munching Irn Bru swilling teuchters.


Half of them probably can't speak the Queens English/



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