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The 2015 Oset A-Cu British B,c And D Championship


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The 2015 Oset UK A-CU Class B/C/D Youth Trials Championship, a review compiled by Barry Robinson and Deryk Wylde


In 2015 there were seven rounds for the contenders of Classes B and C  in the Oset A-CU British Youth Championship. Reviewing the series there were, to all intents and purposes, four front runners regularly featured and the same can be said about the six Class D championship events. No one could dispute that Billy Green and Jack Dance were the Class C boys in the limelight last year and with another four victories this year, up to the final event at Bracken Rocks, clearly at the top of the standings. 

As far as Class B the most dangerous youths on the charge are Ulster’s Josh Hanlon, from Banbridge, and Lesmahagow Beta challenger Duncan MacColl. Hanlon posted a second at Bumpy and then top six placing right up to a barnstorming victory at Richmond. Up to the sixth round RCM Beta contender Billy Green was the rider with a target on his back and only Bradford’s Kieran Child halted his run at Bulletin, ironically right on Green’s home patch near Newton Abbott.  

Child was on a roll in the Yorkshire Centre with some major results over adults but he had to miss Richmond because of a clash with family holidays. Interestingly Billy and Kieran have almost the same calculating riding style that brings results. 

Blaydon’s Jack Biggins quietly scored scored three podiums in four trials. His Bumpy and Dob Park third places were in difficult wooded areas and maybe revealed his hidden strengths. His fifth placing at Richmond was mainly due to the persistence of Will Tolson. The Falcon teenager slumped at Womerton Farm, Lustleigh and Dob Park but excelled at Moretonhampstead with a tiebreaker second place to Child and ahead of Billy Green. That was Billy’s worst score in six trials. 

One name edging in on the top six was Whitwick boy Daniel Slack who ran through his Class C years with top results. A slightly built boy, compared with his rivals, Daniel joined MRS Sherco and started badly at Bumpy with thirteenth place but ran three top six rides then hit the buffers at Dob Park and Cogden Hall. Significantly both venues featured dense woods and fallen trees yet the lad is brilliant on mud and shines in the worst weather. No tantrums from him at all. He just gets on with it and 2016 could be his year. 

Newtownards Class C challenger Reece Gazzard won four out of six events but was pressured by Huddersfield Dirty Boyz Beta contender Charlie Mosley and Horsham’s Merlin Gas Gas rider Jack Dance. Both succeeded at the West of England and Cogden Hall but Gazzard was ever present and salvaged seventeen championship points on both occasions. Highland Leisure Beta contender Ben Dignan got onto the podium at Womerton, Bullaton and Parker’s Farm and ran a top six placing right up to Bracken Rocks finale.  

Reviewing the first three trials there were already indications in Class B. Billy Green logged 55 followed by Jack Biggins and Keiran Child on 43. Slow burner Duncan MacColl was down in sixth place on 30 points. Then how things changed in the next three trials. Green found another personal  gear and clocked up 57 points. Hanlon continued well but really fired up at Grinton with a victory ride. That stunning ride with just a five at the very last section shaded Green by sixteen marks. A five and three took MacColl to the third place on the rostrum. Significantly only Billy Green cleaned the last two sections. 

Hanlon had closed Green down, but not enough. The mathematics will show though that Billy and Bracken Rocks was a formality. 

The equations in Class C standard wheels echo last year with all the same names up front. For Billy Green read Reece Gazzard. The  Newtownards  Beta youngster  won  four out of six trials and then stuck in two runner-up rides amassing 114 points. Only Huddersfield youth Charlie Mosley and Jack Dance could halt the Gazzard landslide with Highland Leisure Beta rider Ben Dignan and Appleyard Beta teamster Edward Earle right on the case. 

The arithmetics of the top six after three trials put Gazzard in the driving seat with sixty points and Mosley and Dignan matched on 45. Earle and Dance weighed in with 43 and 35 apiece. Then Gazzard banged in 54 points from the second trio of trials. 

Mosley’s victory at the West of England followed by a second and third at Dob Park and Cogden Hall yielded 52 points so Gazzard headed for Bracken Rocks with a 17 point buffer over Mosley. Class C medium wheels are basically a two horse race with Buxton’s Harry Turner a length in front of Kirkcaldy East Neuk Trials Beta contender Jamie Galloway. Between them just two boys have won every trial this year. Galloway missed the rostrum at Cogden Hall when Henry Stephenson mastered fossil power after battery energy. Eight championship points separated Harry and Jamie when they arrived at Bracken Rocks. Stephenson and Harry Hemingway were too far behind on points to get involved.  A class D medium wheel was a wrap after Cogden Hall where Buxton’s Ashton Brightmore recorded his fifth victory in five events. 

Class D did not ride Shropshire as the Womerton Farm venue was not suitable for the two classes. 

Previous fossil powered Class D champion Josh McParland challenged and scored 77 while Oset runner Dominic Horne missed two trials to take runner-up spot on four occasions. St Neots Alfie-Ray Turner mounted the rostrum once, at Bumpy. 

Chirk nine years old Lewis Hurdsman headed out of North Wales five times and climbed the rostrum at every trial. His 89 point score locked out Mecatecno runner Morgan Shepherd and Oset rider George Hemingway though between them, they won the West of England at Parker’s Farm, Dob Park and Grinton. Significantly the Llangollen club member took 49 points from those three trials. 

Even if Shepherd wins Bracken and Hurdsman does not score it matters not, Morgan will drop a 13 and end with 81 points. With over eighty entries for Bracken Rocks the grand finale appeared to be a spectacular event, and so it was. The sun shone, the sections dried out though the rocks, millions of them, were tricky. The huge step at the fifth was severe and even Billy Green failed to reach the summit but Keiran Child and Will Tolson really attacked and cleaned. Green’s two marks in the opening seven sections and his single on the final seven sealed the championship. Ben Dignan took Class C standard wheels from Jack Dance but Ulsters Reece Gazzard required a finish to lift the class title. He took the title from Charlie Mosley and Dignan. 

Buxton’s Harry Turner climbed the rostrum at all seven trials winning the  Shropshire, Moretenhampstead, Yeadon-Guiseley and Richmond. The stumbling block was Kirkcaldy’s Jamie Galloway who won Bumpy and South Shropshire. The Scottish East Neuk Trials Beta rider was on top form in 2014 in Class D consequently his arrival in Class C marked another turn in his fortunes. 

The other Buxton threat surfaced at Bumpy where Ashton Brightmore commenced his clean sweep of the class. Six victories and South Shropshire counting as a drop score and as it did not take place was enough. Fossil champion Josh McParland and Dominic Horne picked up the pieces. North Wales came into the equation in Class D small wheels when Lewis Hurdsman won Bumpy. The schoolboy from Chirk was on the rostrum at every event !

If George Hemingway had ridden Bumpy the championship would have been wide open. He barnstormed the last three championship trials with Myles Hutchinson right on him to Bracken Rocks where Hurdsman signed off in the third place.

The year ended in sunshine at Bracken Rocks. All the trials were true tests with longish laps. There were questions about the Minder rules - whether, or whether not? A parents vote would endorse the minder situation  for the A-CU at Rugby.


Photographs, courtesy of Barry Robinson - watch this space, plenty more to come...............


(PS.  My personal apologies to Charlie Smith for making a mess of his name in the photo - Deryk Wylde)




























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