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Anyone Buying One?


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Apparently the first ones coming to my area of the US are already sold, so some folks are willing to chance it.

From what I can see in pics and whatnot it looks well engineered. Is it as solid as a Beta? That's where I'm plunking down my money if I don't take a chance with the trs. There's a lot I like the look of though, although the delorto is a mystery to me.

Anyone ridden a 250 yet?

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Saw the TRS at telford show, seems better in the flesh than pics show, pics seem bit bland and very staid, but when you see it seems well made and thought out. I was quiet impressed with it.

I think it will shift pretty well.

All depends on early reliability I guess?

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I have just been fortunate enough to spend an entire day riding the new TRS One. The only bike so far here in Canada. I have ridden all kinds of bikes and my last bike was a GG Racing 300. I hope I can bring an objective review of what I saw and felt riding it. First off, the build quality is exceptional. Lots of little things make me think that a RIDER had a lot to do with the design ( Thank you Jordi). The feel to ride the bike is that its very light. The riding position is absolutely perfect. I am 6ft tall and cant remember the last bike I had that I felt so perfect on..... The center of gravity seems very low and I found the bike very easy to balance and to move the rear wheel around. As far as the overall handling of the bike, it was so good and made me feel confident, and tracked so well and incredibly stable. I attribute this to the aluminum frame and rear suspension linkage design. I am a big fan of aluminum framed bikes and this tiny rigid frame I love. The clutch feel is very good and by far the best clutch I have ever had on any bike I have ridden. Beta, Sherco, GG.


I don't know what they have done with the  brakes as they look to be standard, but they are incredibly strong, and this was noticed by everyone who rode it. Everything just seems to be in the right position and very comfortable to ride. It grips incredibly well. The transmission is for me a lot better than the GG in the way it shifts. NO big crunch going into fourth gear, and it shifts with a definite and nice clicking motion. The ratios are absolutely perfect, and I was skeptical about the 5 speed as I am not a fan from riding Shercos. The TRS ratios are perfect, with 1st through 4th all evenly spaced and usable in sections, with 5th being your road gear/


Overall the feel of the bike was familiar but even better than I had expected. I loved it and cant wait to get mine

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Foolishly sold my 16" Sherco 300 last week as i'm about to move house and thought we needed the money so was sacrificing my bike for a while to fund house stuff! Found out shortly after that we wouldn't need the money, slightly annoying as I let the Sherco go for a good price.


Anyway, missing it already I decided a change was in order as i've had a Sherco since 2013 so I collected a new TRS 300 today from BVM, top guys to deal with and waited out of hours for me as it was a fairly long drive. 


Got to say, they look lovely in the flesh with some really nice touches, seems to be set up really well from the off. Hoping to run it in during the week so i'll see how it goes but going to adjust a few bits and remove the rear light etc tomorrow. 

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Is there any updated feedback on the TRS models? They are definitely a prominent option in my bike shopping adventure at the moment. How do people feel about the Olle shock? Seems most of the upscale competition has reiger or ohlins. Are the pros riding for TRS using the stock Olle shock?

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You can now get a TRS with a Reiger... for an additional $1000.00. I think the Olle is fine for most people, but the reality is that people want purple shocks. There's also a Keihin kit, although I don't think it's a factory option yet. I suspect the TRS will come standard with the Reiger and Keihin after 2017. 


Anyway, neither of these things were on my mind when I was considering the TRS, I just found that the steering geometry wasn't really what I like. It feels very upright, sort of Beta-ish I guess. But the bike is really well put together and designed.

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