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4Rt Kick Start Cracking


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I was wondering if this is common or just a one off.  My less than year old, 2015 4RT has a problem with the kick start lever.  The lug that engages when it's folded out has cracked and deformed.  It seems the alloy is really soft.  Apart from putting the lever at too much angle, I can see this is going to fail in the middle of a ride somewhere.


This bike hasn't had that much use because it's not my only bike.  And other bikes I've owned have never had such a problem even after 10 years of hard use.  And before you suggest it, I am very gentle on the kick starter.  The bike starts better with a slow push than a stab.


I'm happy to purchase a new genuine lever but not if they are all this bad.  Has anyone come across a decent aftermarket lever?






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Sounds like it isn't normal but can happen. I would go with Jimmyl's suggested fix myself. However I would think a new stock lever would be fine.

My 07 is my primary ride and never an issue...

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I had this on my 09 and bought one on ebay with same problem .

File of the offending stop, drill and tap and put an M5 (I think) cap head screw in as a stop. If the cap looks like it is wearing replace with a new one.


I had the same fault and used the same remedy...on my '98 Cota. :icon_salut: 


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Maybe not, but it still has to be of merchantable quality and fit for purpose to comply with trading law, which is a bit stronger than a warranty.  If it is sold as a competition motorcycle then it has to be suitable as a competition motorcycle.

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there's no one year warranty on competition motorcycles....ffs


It does not matter if there is a warranty or not.


Goods sold in England "must be fit for the purpose for which they are sold and of merchantable quality"


Unless defined as a wearing / consumable part (such as a brake pad or oil filter) it is reasonable to expect the part should last 6 years of normal use.


If your dealer will not exchange it FOC then try Honda UK, if that fails go to Citizens Advice, it is surprising what a effect a letter from trading standards can have on even the most awkward seller.


Just for your info I once had trouble (heat build up and poor damping) with Ohlins shocks on a MX bike. Even after about 1/2 seasons MX, Ohlins rebuilt them for free. I also know of a rider who bought an ohlins shock secondhand. It had nearly a seasons use on it and the spring cracked - replaced FOC no questions asked by local Honda / ohlins dealer.

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Thanks for all the replies.  I'm not terribly concerned about warranty.  Over here most folks assume we have 3 months on a dirt bike, but there are statutory warranties as well.  Something like this kick start lever would be difficult because the dealer could just claim it was operator error.


In any event, I will contact the dealer and send him the photos and see what comes of it.  But I expect I will be doing the fix described by Jimmyl above.  I could also grind it out and build up the lug by TIG welding but that will be even softer than the original.



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I know somebody who had theirs welded but not successful. 

Mine lasted me a few years and was still good - maybe change the screw once a year. 

I found marking out / C of C duties made mine worse as lots of stop starting, starting from cool etc. In a normal club trial you maybe only start it 20 times. Traditional nationals also not so good as 40 sections to walk and start up from.

If you can drill the a pilot hole before the piece break off and even counter bore it so the head of the screw is supported by the original metal is best  


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