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Evo Factory Or Trs?


Beta vs TRS.... Fight!  

73 members have voted

  1. 1. Beta EVO Factory vs TRS One

    • Beta
    • TRS
    • I can't decide! My brain hurts too much!

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Why on earth with so much developement, would Trs Run a Dellerato carb on their bike, seems strange to that production keeps getting pushed back

Not sure why you would say production keeps getting pushed back? They are in full production. Demand is very high and right now they are trying to get as many bikes to as many places as they can.

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How can you vote on an unproven bike. Ossa looked good when first was launched . had one. One word junk. Trs could be same. All bikes will work well when in an arena or World round paddock with teams there to back you up.but we live in the real world.

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Out of idle curiosity, anyone know if Raga runs the same carb on his bike, or if he's using his own kit?

I followed the streaming of the Barcelona Indoor and they zoomed in to the bike and it clearly had the PWK 28 with the big welded bowl, the same that he had on the Gasser and also there was a red ring below the spark plug so high compression insert as well. I bet that he uses also a Reiger rear shock, not to talk about the factory Tech forks...don't take race bikes as a measure they just share stickers with us?

Edit: I forgot the most important thing..go for TRS!

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Having seen a video of the TRS being stripped down it looks to be very high quality, no drilling and tapping threads straight into the frame etc. Just looks well thought out!


With regards to the carb, well the bike will always be more capable than any of us and if it runs better over a broader range of temperature ranges which i believe that carb does then i can't see an issue. 


Fingers crossed the company stays healthy and the bikes are reliable. 


The Beta's are a good bike and very reliable and the UK support is brilliant, the factory bikes also look amazing! I hope the TRS will be all its cracked up to be but i'll be giving it a year in the UK first.  

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Trs on a purely financial basis as the beta is full of bling that an average rider will not find beneficial to his riding and when you come to sell on you wound recoup the xtra you paid for it ! ( speaks from experience ) and I think the trs will be a better bike !


I don't get it...


The TRS is (assuming a 250) $7900 (USD). The Beta 250 Factory is $8300 (USD) list. Even at those prices (I'd likely pay less for the Beta, probably not the TRS), $400 on an $8k bike doesn't really strike me as a concern one way or the other. 

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For what its worth, I have just spent a day riding the TRS and put a small report on the TRS thread. Ive ridden and liked both Beta and GG.


So you are a man without critisism...     








Joke ;)



I think its impossible to say, and not fair. I shall give my answer in five years. (please remind me if i forget).

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