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Toni Bou Injury


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From what I'm hearing Toni's injury after training is nasty.

I'm hearing he's not riding the opening WC round in Spain and it won't mend on its own.Might be a surprise turn up , but I doubt it.

It's clearly a pity for Toni and throws the opportunity of a rare win to someone else.

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Bou is out practicing but is clearly suffering and was neither practising the huge stuff and not out there for as long as the others. He's accessing according to the boss. Based upon the fact that he was put there I recon he'll be out tomorrow but at much less than 100 %.

There was a minutes clapping and remembrance medals given out at the start in memory of Martin Lampkin.Good job by Jake Miller

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I've always been interested in these scenarios when it comes to the most skilled sportsmen on the planet...Senna not driving the best car in the field sort of situation.

Some sportsmen spit the dummy out when things don't go their way or the cards are stacked against them.

A different type of pressure for the 'undisputed' world champ.This could be intriguing. :popcorn:

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Bou was 2nd today. He's just amazing.His shoulder is def injured though but it doesn't seem to matter to the results to much. He wouldn't hold his trophy up at the end like the others. I'm told this is the movement that's the issue ... so not as important as it could have been. He just can't get anything out of the kitchen cupboards back at home.

The sections were mostly on the woods with only a few spectators. Big jumps and leaps.Huge huge climbs going on forever . Really imaginative thought out and much better than a lot of the World trials ive been to. The sections looked and rode really well. I think they were a little easy though to be honest. Not for me obviously .. but for those guys.

I wiped my rear caliper off on the first lap but luckily found it on the 3rd. It's like an enduro between sections. Just flat flat out with some pretty hairy downhills with no back brake.

Great fun. Roll on tomorrow :)

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