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Be Carefull If Taking Anticoagulants Meds

english electric

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make it short and sweet after suffering a mishap on my bike throttle stuck fell off broke wrist cut elbow stitches .I went to my local A E for treatment didn't no I had broken wrist thought I had sprained it. anyways when they found out I was on warfarin concerns about internal bleeding . I had to have a CT scan  ECG.[ I have had heart surgery] back neck and chest x rays and was only allowed home after 9 hours I fell off doing about 5 miles an hour was fully kitted out it was a beginners trial official one . I now find myself with a few weeks spare till cast comes off pondering which trials to do next I certainly wont be doing the rocky type ones and am quite happy to completely miss out certain sections so anyone else in my situation in regards to taking blood thinning meds be very carefull I am not put off but will certainly be investing in some body protection etc ..



so just be carefull to people in my situation.

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Had similar, easy course but found some pointed rocks and therefore A&E.  Wife insisted I get body protection as she's benefited from it with horses, so no argument.

Researched and finally invested in Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V, expensive but surprisingly comfortable.   It obviously works as I haven't had a fall in six months.

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