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Hi mate

I have had a 2011 280 Gasgas & two 250 gassers

I found the 250s to be a bit smoother off a closed throtle and a tiny bit more manageable in the sections. But the difference wasn't huge tho.

I'm fairly new to trials so my throttle control isn't the best yet lol , but I'm working on that

My 280 had a flywheel weight & slow action throtle tube and I never rode it without them both fitted so not sure how the standard bike felt .

But it never got me into trouble , it just felt as if things were happening a bit to fast for my,

My fault tho, due to inexperience and a lack of talent .

Hope this helps

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I just took delivery of a 280 and have had it out for three rides.  Previous bike was a 2013 Sherco 300.  The TRS 280 is quite different in the motor department from my Sherco.  Power is very linear and the bottom end response solid and smooth.   The clutch is one of the best features as it has a longer engagement than the Sherco and again very linear.   Right off idle the TRS 280 is smooth and very easy to ride with virtually no abrupt surges or over eagerness to rev and as you dial on more throttle the power builds smoothly but quickly.  There is ample power for any hill I attempted and the engine is willing to lug down to idle speed on a hill and power back up without hesitation and negligible wheel spin.


I am an experience old guy and ride only at an intermediate level so I cannot attest to the bike's ability to splat or launch a big step but it certainly is an easy bike to ride.  Power is so predictable and I am pleased it doesn't have the "nervousness" of the Sherco.  


The front brake is stellar.  TRS has resorted to the two part front caliber rather than the one piece that seems the fashion these days.  Regardless, everyone is impressed by the power of the front brake.  Rear brake is solid and well modulated.


Suspension felt a bit harsh on the first ride but it is loosening up with more hours.  Bike is nimble but you can feel the stability likely due to the rigid aluminum frame.  It holds a line very well and the steering provides noticeable feel as the geometry is much like a Gas Gas.


The transmission feels rock solid.  Nice, positive clicks and no false neutrals.  First gear is slightly taller than on my Sherco and much taller than a Beta first gear.  Most section work would be first but second is close and works well on climbs or situations calling for a taller gear.  Fourth gear is not gapped as much as my Sherco making is more useful in fast sections of trail.


From the first ride I was impressed and as I get more used to the bike and as it settles in it continues to be a joy to ride.  From a club rider's perspective I think this one is going to be a winner.  Broad, smooth power and yet lots of willingness to rev, maybe the best clutch of any modern trials bike, impressive build quality, fit and finish.  So far there is nothing I can complain about other than I wish I were twenty years younger so I could better test the limits of this impressive bike.  I would recommend anyone thinking of a new bike try and get a test ride.  I don't think you will be disappointed.



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I would like to see the difference between two bikes. Because it looks like bikes are getting more linear and smooth, and powerfull if wished. But then what is going to make the unique selling point of a 250 in comparison to a 280?


Is there a brand that dares to just sell only one type and a 125? I can immagine those ranges of bikes are made because the public is used to it, but you can tell them they want something different (apple story).

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