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Sy250 Wiring Help Needed


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So bought my sy250 a few days ago, and had a few issues, to be honest the guy said he had been using it, but I very much doubt it! It looked the part and frankly I was too excited so bought it, lol, so over the past couple of days, hydraulic clutch sorted now, exhaust in the process of being sorted, got a list of bits on order to bring it back to its former glory and ready to go play.

So today put it back together today, fired it up for the second time as I was thinking of going out for a spin, but thought I'd double check the fan was working! And guess what it's NOT, the wiring is a right mess but when I was stripping cleaning and greasing everything, I thought I'd leave well alone and tried to clip it neatly ( which I've now undone)

So checked fan and it works on battery, thermostat appears ok, but the wires seem to go to dead ends and are clearly not connected right, the loom seems suited for road use, but has been chopped to bits by a former owner ?

I've downloaded a few different manuals and cannot find a decent wiring diagram, and frankly without some help doubt I'd ever work it out!

It appears to be missing the regulator too, not sure if I need this?

So please, has anyone got a sensible diagram I can use? Or has a scorpa they can take pictures of the wiring for me to follow, or somehow talk me through it?

I only want if for off-road trails, so just a working fan! Bike running, which it currently does, I'm happy to cut the loom down and reduce it, infact I'd prefer that.

I've taken a photo of my wiring and had a go at drawing the current wiring setup,

Hopefully attached,

Please reply, as I cannot use her until I know what to do,

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Thanks, I'm still struggling to understand alittle as our scorpa cables are a different colour, I've ordered a rectifier and additional loom as I'm not sure if mine has right connectors for the rectifier, hopefully I'll get it by mid next week then at least I'll have all the bits required to have a proper attempt at sorting, Steve

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Update on my bike, bought a second hand loom and rectifier, fitted it, gave the bike a kick and the fan worked woooohoooooo, or so I thought

So put it together fired the bike and now the fan cuts out when you Rev the bike, but seems to run on idol?

The loom looks like it's been setup for a front light (which I don't have) should I be doing something to this plug?

Thoughts guys, Desperate to get out and have a play on it


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HI, this is an old thread but... just bought a scorpa myself... fan runs form a battery, won't rum with a jumper across the blue and white wires that go to the thermostat, my other scorpa runs fine like this has anyone got a writing diagram? Spent hours with a multimeter and I'm baffled to say the least.


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