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Anyone Recognise This

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31 minutes ago, section swept said:

Just stumbled on this post but here goes, Cheeter (?) or Cheeta frame (Mick Whitlock I think)unsure about tank seat unit. All Cheetas had Villiers engines and the frames were eithe chromed or nickel plated, they really looke the part and I’m sure that the swing arm was concentric adjustment. Or maybe you have a Scrambles/MX bike that’s been converted to trials hence the long ride seat and tank unit! Have you thought about tracking the Starmaker engine number, Villiers Services may be able to help here; these were I am sure intended for road racing and scrambling, don’t think they were very highly thought of for trials work, don’t quote me here! Let us know what you found out🙂

Was there not the occasional Cub engined Cheetah?  Or is my memory as bad as I think it is.

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Yes, you may well be right. When the Cheetah (can’t remember the way it was spelt-your’s looks right) was announced in MCN around 1966/7ish it looked the business with a black tank and MP (Metal Profile) forks. John Lee (Higham Ferrers Northamptonshire) might be able to identify your bike, he’s a font of all knowledge and was involved in developing a few frame kit bikes of different make. The other route is to ask Old Bike Mart (Morton’s Archives) who may well have more info.🙂

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