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1982 Fantic 200 Trials Bike (Opinions Wanted)


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Hi folks,

I have never owned or ridden a Fantic. I am looking at a 1982 Fantic 200 that's in good condition. I compete in Vintage Trials on a Penton Mudlark that I've put a lot of work in to, to make it competitive.

I would like to know what you folks think of the 200 and how it compares with other brands and models such as the TY, SWM, Can Am, RL, Montesa, Bultaco, Reflex and other brands and models from the same era.

I have been told the Fantic was like an MX bike turned in to a Trials bike, but would like to read your opinions of this model and how it preforms in the sections.

Thanks in advance for any advice and opinions you can provide.

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No Brainer ... if it's in good condition, get it!


Fantic sold a lot of them at least in Europe you get spares easy.


And as midlife mentioned only a Fantic 240 or the 300 would have an advantage due to their bigger engine displacements.

The 200 model was even used in trials world championship before 240 model came out so it's all save riding wise in my opinion. 

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I have a Fantic 200 and I love it. I've owned it for nearly 3 years and have never had an issue, it starts easily every time. Spares are fairly easy to find and there are a few specialists about (Bill Pye and Bob Wright). To ride, the bike feels really light and easy to handle and it always has enough power. I love them.




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Thanks folks. I have seen a post on another thread saying the forward kick motor is better than the rearward kick motor. Can someone here elaborate on that for me, since the one I'm looking at is a rearward kick.

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If it's a forward kick 200 (pro) GET IT ! If its the rear kick 200 ride it and see if you like it , Both versions are great , but they are quite different ... Every thing from the chassis to the brakes .The pro is considered by many to be the best out of the box twinshock ever , with the minarelli 200 a close 2nd....

 And Mike @ the trials shop in Locke NY. can take care of all your parts needs too . He's still got a wealth of fantic info and parts . , along with Bill Pye and Bob Wright in the UK . And don't forget Bob at B&J in Tenn. , he still has a few tricks up his sleeve ...

  And the MX'er thing relates a little more to the 240 me thinks , when running correctly they will pull from down low  as a trials bike should , and still have a serious hit in the powerband about 2/3rds of the way thru their rev range .. Seldom needed , but it's there if you want it They do respond very well to good throttle control.

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I have 2 Fantic 200's and a Fantic 125 twinshock. I'm not a small bloke and there is plenty of power in the 200's (156cc) bikes - they produced more bhp than a 250 Bultaco of the same era.

Of all the twinshock bikes out there the Fantic 200 (rear kick) needs the least amount of "fettling", lowering the pegs an inch and moving them back an inch is all you might want to do but it isn't really necessary.

Go for it, you won't be disappointed.


Fantic 200's


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7 hours ago, maggar said:

Nice job :)

I might be tempted to turn the shock bottom bolts around though, you could catch the inside of your leg on that if you find yourself stretching off the back with a long dab.

Trying not to dab, but will grind it down - just in case!  Thanks!


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