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So Why Do I Always Put My Inside Foot Down?


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You are not bending your knees and staying centered. On most bikes where you turn at speed the legs stay somewhat straight and you lean your body into the turn. New riders will keep that habit into their trials turns and it is incorrect. They will keep both legs the same length and try to compensate by twisting their butts which drops the inside shoulder and twists the body so the slightest pertubation causes the body to fall to the inside causing a dab. Try this exercise off the bike. Stand on a hill perpendicular to the fall line. Look at your legs. The uphill leg is bent more than the downhill leg. You are nice and stable and your center of mass is right between your feet. This is how a trials turn should feel. Now try to straighten the uphill leg. Your butt rotates to try and compensate and your position is much weaker. This is the mistake most riders make. Now get your bike and find a nice flat place to practice this. Bend your knees out and make figure eights while keeping your body between the contact patches of your wheels and your shoulders facing the front of the bike. Initiate and end turns with foot pressure. That is important. Stay centered and steer with foot pressure. When you get it right you'll find you can stop at any point in the turn and you will be balanced. Try it on a slight incline and the same rules apply. Stay centered and steer with foot pressure. You will also have to shift slightly forward and back as you transition uphill and downhill. Believe me you will absolutely feel it when you get it right. Keep those legs bent! Stay centered.

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