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Getting Back Into Trials


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Hi, I am getting back into trials after a long time away, looking forward to it. Not bought a bike yet but thinking about the New Montesa 260 4RT looks nice although a little heavier than other bikes, anyone got one yet?


I live in Castleford can anyone recommend a decent place to practice, I know there is Bumpy which I will probably join, and I now there is a good place over at Scarborough if you join the Scarborough club, but is there any where else? 


Where is best place to buy a Montesa from New? is it possible to test drive or to they have any demo days coming up?


look forward to your replys





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Yes even year to they can feel different.My son has a 2014 standard 260,while up at Parkwood Springs let someone try his out.had a job getting it back off him he liked it that much,Then same person went and bought new 2015 he didn't like it one bit.

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