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Billy Bolt And Graham Jarvis Team Mates


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I went to the sea to sky in Turkey and despite his 'bad luck' and suspect bike maintainence Billy was the absolute talk of the event. He is soooo much faster than anyone else , and is incredible to watch with a real spark. He just needs to calm down a jot.

A future World Champion in my mind.


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9 hours ago, heffergm said:

What do you mean by 'suspect bike maintenance'? Like Billy is responsible for his own bike and he's not looking after it, or... ?

His ktm was not new enough and not up to the standard by the look of the dry rusty bearings that collapsed in his swinging arm after day 1. He needs a new bike and a proper full time mechanic .  He had a mechanic at  the event but this was walkers mechanic also  . It was doing the best with what they had at the race , but as sure as eggs are eggs those bearings were bone dry and hadn't been serviced and failed on him.

He's so hard on the bikes mostly because he's so much faster and completely fearless ... but most riders dont ruin bikes like Billy and I think he's got to treat them softer ... or if you can't be softer get a better bike.  He completely fried a clutch on the last of the 2 days. Is that a worn clutch or to hard riding. A bit of both I would guess. Totally destroyed a rear moose - probably old or at the least unlubricated. They can't wear out to this extent  if lubed up or inspected before the race. Snapped a chain on each dry - new I believe. Once is bad luck. 

Any way.. It doesn't matter.What matters is going forward.

The new husky will be better.  It will be properly maintained by a more permanent mechanic I guess and hope.

Billy is the biggest attraction to enduro since knighter and an absolute delight to watch. He is the talk of the sport but doing an Amos Bilbao at the moment.

He's young and learning as his dad kept saying. 

He's on his way up !!. Just go steady on the reins .

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