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Funeral of Mr Norman Close.

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The funeral of Mr Norman Close will be held at the St Mary’s Church, Kettlewell on January 12th  commencing at 11.15 a.m. Mr Close died on Boxing Day evening, he was 73.

He was the owner of a specialist steel construction company in Kettlewell manufacturing gates and bridges for the local farmers, landowners, and the National Parks authority.

As a landowner many Allan Jefferies Trial sections were on Norman’s land.

He also acted as driver and minder for British Champion James Dabill in his formative year.

His 6.2 litre American pick-up truck was a familiar sight in Wharfedale and could be heard arriving well before man and machine appeared. 

Observing was also one of his duties at local trials. 

A great man in every sense of the word and tremendous loss to his family and motorcycle trials sport.

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Norman Close, A great friend to Bradford & District Motor Club. He was always available  to observe at The Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial. One year with his knowledge of the course he was able to observe 4 sections. He not only observed at the AJ but also many club trials for the Club.  He also assisted the  majority of Yorkshire Centre Clubs 

 He joined the Bradford team who assisted L&M Events at the World Trials held at Hawkstone Park and Fort William. He was one of the first helpers to arrive the weekend before and always the last to leave after the trials.

 At Hawkstone Park his expertise, re-built the stage that was in danger of collapsing after heavy over night rain. Jake & Martin were a little concerned that Norman may have taken on a little to much. I informed them, "leave him alone and I guarantee all will be ok by this evening" Norman completed the task.

He joined us up in Fort William, again helping out marking sections etc. His favourite night was the Sunday after the trial had finished. We would drive into Fort William for a  Fsh & Chip supper (Norman would not actually buy the battered Haggis but he always had half of mine) This was then followed by a couple of pints. Kath would drive us back to the venue, Norman sat in the back directing Kath.

I know he had a love for steam engines and if you got into a conversation with him about them he could talk all night. I remember some times when he did.

Thanks Norman for the help you gave me personally  and Bradford & DMC over the years I knew you.




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