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Fuel mixture

evo boy

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18 minutes ago, heffergm said:

The Vertigo manual (http://www.vertigomotors.com/downloads/) says 0.75% fuel oil mix. That's about 133:1, which means 7.5mL per liter (37.5mL per 5L).

It would be cool if the resellers and the manufacturer could publish some agreed upon numbers...

To be fair the Beta manuals 'recommend' a much higher ratio than anyone actually run or I believe the Lampkin recommend, so this seems pretty standard!

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I questioned this with Nick at VertigoUK, as there was a discrepancy between the 200:1 (25ml/5 litres) or 0.5% and the manual, which states 0.75% which works out at 133:1. Nick confirmed the 200:1 ratio as being the correct mixture.

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3 hours ago, oni nou said:

And it also shows that if the Vertigo happily runs at 200:1 what a waste of oil/money it is running  any of the later model watercooled bikes at more [oil] than 80:1.

No not at all, it's because the Vertigo is fuel injection, the main bearings are lubricated by the gearbox oil; whereas a normal two stroke they are lubricated by the mixture!

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