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There will be unparalleled photo coverage of the 2017 Talmag in issue 52 of our digital magazine, ORRe.

I have seen most of the commercial offerings and already know that we have more full page photographs of more of the machines taking part than all of them combined.............

Here is an example, Graham Howes with his well sorted BSA BB32A rigid in action.


default 30.jpg

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My email in-box has been glowing, mainly at my suggestion that we would cap all the professional magazine's Talmag inputs. The comment that really caught my attention reads "How on earth can you make such a claim..........."

Well. back home in Yorkshire that's what we call a challenge, so here's another statement as my answer.

"In forthcoming issues of OFF ROAD REVUe there will be at least one photograph of EVERY competitor who rode in the 2017 TALMAG, and, for particularly interesting machines, views of both drive and timing sides."

Now tell me who is going to match that? 

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Tuesday afternoon and the work on issue 52 is going well, several classic trials photoreports plus our new retrospective on the events thirty years ago has multiple images from the 1986 Bemrose and the 1986 Travers that have never been published before.........

But the major feature is our photoreport on the 2017 Talmag, which already has no less than seventy-eight half or full page photographs, all in great detail of getting on for half of the entry.

So if you - or anyone you know - rode in the Talmag please let them know - THEIR photo will be in our magazine.


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