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Denver Trials scene ???


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http://www.rockymountaintrials.org/ Most of the events are between Pueblo and Salida. So find housing in the Monument/Castle Rock area. Of course RMTA` s president was originally from Team New Mexico! 

 I almost forgot to mention you would have to ride with us. http://mtwestvintagetrials.org/

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OK !! :) 

I forgot you two are in that neck of the woods ... All my kids are out of the home now and i've been given the opportunity to right a wrong  I made decades ago ...  

So it's time to get off my a*** and do something I should've done along time ago ... Do we know of any high end British car restoration shops anywhere close ? I do have impeccable references for the work I enjoy doing the most ... Time to start planning the rest of my future ...

Thanks ,


And I can visit my middle child who just moved to Glendale . So if I drive 24 hrs. to observe at a event ,to check out the scene and area , are one of you gonna use my Fantic ?

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Silly ?'s
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You would of course have to come down and ride with us as well, you know. 



And us as well -



Bob and Tony have already sent MWVTA and RMTA links to you.  Yes, Trials is very alive and well here in the wild, wild, west.  Oh wait, don't forget about our friends to the north -



C'mon, make the jump and ride with us!  B)



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I wanted to
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OK ; gotta be honest here ; My high school Fiance contacted me out of the blue ; she is smart , cuter than then, and quite successful . And I got my brain fixated on us retiring together in bliss ....Butt alas it ain't gonna happen , If she had been my first wife , we'd still be married. (never mind the 3 others I've been through ...)

But as a single soon to be 57 year old that has a addiction to trials , where in the USA would you live ?  I hate south Carolina , and ended up here by events beyond

my control ... But now I want to liquidate this house and property and have some fun ... (my kids are no longer my financial responsibility ) They are grown up as far as I'm concerned ... So if you were me where would you buy new property / home ????   

And Zelda , the Siberian retriever ( the trials puppy :)    ) hates it here too !


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Have any of you folks heard of  http://www.themetalsurgeon.com/   "cause I had a lengthy conversation with aforementioned lady today and she very strongly :)   suggested if I move anyways to move to the denver area ... And a quick search turned this place up . I've done 3 different cars that have won at Pebble beach , so getting hired ain't a issue , It's just finding the right place that will pay for my talents . And mark my words I am gonna get remarried ! ( or live in sin ...) 

 I hope everything works out as schemed , 'Cause I need to ride with you guys ...With a positive attitude ! :)

And PS . that shop does what I'm best at ...

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Why not ?
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