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199b 340 Exhaust front pipe.


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Is the 340 front pipe unique to this model, or is it the same as other 350 models.

The one on my 340 is serviceable but has some dents , I know you can get these out but I'd rather put the money towards a replacement than renovate what I have. 


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I had to buy a header pipe/muffler for my 199B, bought one from Spain on Ebay from a 199A. It does fit the 199B- no modifications, but I cant be 100% sure it was from a 199A. I would imagine that any pipe from a 199, 199A 0r 199B would fit [the bolt on flange type] even if a little massaging was required, depends how handy you are.

Cheers Greg

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10 hours ago, bashplate said:

Hi Smelling123,

                         that snake pipe on the Bulto gives the bike awhole different look....what did it do for the power delivery?

Hi baseplate,

unfortunately the original pipe was damaged so I had no chance to test them back to back. I got a 2kg overall weight saving with the whole system and I'd guess it gives more low down torque given bigger volume but it's a total guess and I'm probably not a good enough rider to have qualified it better/worse regardless.

not such a big job to make one, it's just 5x 90deg and one 45deg bends from the auction site plus a straight section. An evening with a disk cutter and a mate with a tig welder....

itd be nice if someone did a titanium one...

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For what it's worth, I've just fitted my 199a front pipe to my 199b and it's just the same, no airbox issues or anything else.

Can't really see how there would be, after all the only real difference is a slighly bigger hole down the barrel.

While I'm here, does anyone have contact details for the "Owd Codgers" who go round the English autojumbles?. I read somewhere that they make side stands for the 199b .Any info gratefully received.

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