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Wiring loom earth point.

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Who's modified their earth point on 2015 onward bikes ?

Where did you go back along the loom to ?

What core wire did you use ?

Can you post a picture please ?

Any one done any worth while mods on 2017 bikes yet ?

What have you done ?

Regards Ted.

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Yes you're right and not a soul either:D

So then Dan, what core wire have you used in the past? Have you modified the latest bike.

The earth wire is pitifully thin considering there is possibly three points through out the bike, but for me, that wire should be half as thick again, or as you stated ,more of them.

Where did you end up going from and to ?

On other Italian bikes, namely Aprilia road bikes,they double and treble the wires to earth, then put a pitiful live to the starter.

Never seem to get it just right the Italians where wirings concerned.

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Usually I go back to the mounting point on the ignition coil. Any clean point (no paint) on the chassis is good as it is still a big piece of aluminum.  I'm not sure of the wire on the new ones but it doesn't hurt to add extra wires if in doubt and you're right about small wires not being optimum for reasons of current/resistance voltage drop especially for high frequency ground bounce which can theoretically affect the microcontroller in the CDI box.

On my 2008 I took the thick wire from the top of the loom and pulled it back down out of the loom and attached it to the lug that mounted the regulator to the frame. I ran another wire from the same lug over to the coil attachment and another back up through the loom for the kill switch. The 2013 appears to be wired correctly so I didn't touch it.

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