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Petcock TY175

kevin j

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Anyone with experience with the aftermarket (assuming china copy) petcocks on ebay for $8 to $10?   I have lapped my lever portion, but still corroded and I don't think replacing the rubber part (at $12) will solve it. 

-Do they fit?

-do they leak after an hour?

-It looks like the lever positions are different.I could live with that 


thks., kcj

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You can still buy genuine Yamaha fuel taps if you want a top quality item.

The mounting thread on TY tanks is incredibly popular so there are a vast array of aftermarket (made in China) fuel taps that will fit and function but as with anything you take a chance. They are so cheap so why not buy two and have a spare, or buy two different types and keep one as a spare

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Follow up:

-I bought one of the $9 ebay china copies. Installed fine, seems to function ok. Not much time on it, will ride it next weekend.

-Appears ok for a rider. Definitely not a restoration option. 

-The threads are fine. OEM Yamaha has reverse threads on the tap and the coupler nut pulls the tap to the tank like a turnbuckle. The China copy has a crimped swivel nut on the tap that just pulls it against the fuel tank and the rubber washer in the tap.

-Lever positions are different. I just put the bike away, but I think OEM was back = off, down = run, and forward = reserve. China is up = reserve, back = off, down = run.

-Hose connection appears a bit looser. Will see.

-Overall, appears ok and I bought a second one for spare.  For a really nice bike, I'd go OEM.

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