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SSDT Illegal Practising


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10 minutes ago, stevecollie said:

Cabby...... ye better no come near any of my sections, Or you'll find my foot up yer a*** :stupid:


In yer dreams fatboy :moon:

Mind, feet up next week, there is a lot of parking duties needing done :rotfl:

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On 2017-4-27 at 8:44 AM, andy said:

It's not just landowners. From one of the numerous previous articles on this subject:

Scottish National Heritage issue consent to the club on the basis that the level of activity created by the SSDT each year is sustainable for the habitats for which the sites are designated. Additional activity is likely to lead to an unsustainable level of use, especially when this is spread throughout the year as it prevents habitats recovering.

Unconsented activity leaves the landowner or the person undertaking the activity open to prosecution for damage. This is a criminal offence under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 (as amended) and carries financial penalties of up to £40,000. Use of a vehicle except on a dedicated, built vehicle track would constitute an operation requiring consent on any of the local designated sites with habitat features.

Vehicular access to private land also requires the permission of the landowner. Any motorised activity without landowner's permission constitutes an offence (trespass) and is not permitted under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

A number of the areas used are also SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest). Details on them here where it clearly states "It is an offence for any person to intentionally or recklessly damage the protected natural features of an SSSI. "

Heritage - Its about time all these heritage bodies accepted that off road motoring activity is part of our heritage just as much as anything else. These narrow minded zealots are only interested in a version of heritage that meets their own narrow selfish definition of the word. Another example is the loss of water skiing on all 13 of the lakes in the LDNP. On at least three of the lakes power boating and associated activities existed long before the national park was established but gradually this body has eradicated these parts of fe the lake districts real heritage. There is much merit to what Cabby says - Trials is going to have to start standing up for itself if it wants to survive.

How about declaring SSDT sections and the route all a SSSI and maintaining it as such by regular practice. After all the development of off road motorcycles is surely as scientifically interesting as lead mining or some bog dwelling plant.

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13 hours ago, dadof2 said:

Trials is going to have to start standing up for itself if it wants to survive.

Probably true. But that has to be done by the sport representing itself properly and respectfully.

Indiscriminate riding on private land is a great way to get us banned from using it forever, as many clubs who have lost the use of land for this reason can confirm.

Any sort of attempted mass revolution involving us taking to our bikes to assert our supposed rights over land which belongs to someone else but which we think should be ours to use as we want would just be seen as a bunch of louts causing a nuisance. That's how it works.

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On 27/04/2017 at 9:17 AM, cabby said:

Its time to rise up and defy this imperialism. If we all took a stance to ride where we wanted and had the balls to fight back we'd be free to ride like the walkers walk, and believe me they are a fecking nuisance at times. 

I know a farmer who lives a few miles from me. Nice chap, hard worker. He owns a house, a car and a couple of horses. Strangely I don't think of these as things I can just go and use whenever and however I like. Why should I think differently about his land?

Just asking.

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Glad to be of help, now lighten up and stop taking yersell and things way too seriously, cause there is nothing you nor anyone else says on here is gonna make a blind bit of difference to any illegal playing either up in the highlands or any where else in the country. 

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You're missing the point, greeting and whinging about it on the internet isn't going to change a single thing, it's not going to stop them by pontificating about what it'll do for the sport, do you think they care ??? If they did, they wouldn't be doing it, would they ?? 

Do you think for a minute I'd go ride on my clubs land illegally ?? of course I wouldn't, why ? cause I'd be out on my a***, that's why. 

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