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50-125cc Trials engine


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So i'm looking for a spare engine for my TR35 Beta (50cc)
The current engine spare parts are of Unobtainium or extreme expensive.
The clutch is slightly worn out and i hope it will last some time.

But i like the bike!

So the idea is to run the bike for the rest of the season.
And rebuild the bike this winter to twinshock & install new engine.

AM6 / DERBI engine.
+Lot’s of spare parts
+performance upgrades.
+Cost of a tuned engine quite high (70cc, good crankshaft, heavy clutch) -> 300-400€
+ Engine size is quite the same, some welding required

-Still a 50cc gearbox -> easy to fail
-Water cooled (cost of radiator, non classic look)

Honda mtx / Tml – Suzuki Ts x 50cc engine
+Air cooled!
+Engine size is quite the same, some welding required
+Lot’s of spare parts
+Exhaust exit in the middle
+performance upgrades. (cheap)
+Proven engine from the Tlm50

-Still a 50cc gearbox -> easy to fail
-420 chain instead of 428

Suzuki AX100 engine
+Air cooled!
+ only 22kg crate weight (with kickstart, carb & elektrics)
+ Square bore/stroke (50x50mm) -> 98.2cc
+ Low compression -> No chance of overheating while driving slow
+ 428 chain -> same as the beta
+ Low first gear ratio -> 32/11
+ Cheap parts:
Clutch same as Suzuki A100 -> 30€ new plate & springs
Bigbore upgrade (115cc) 50€
+ Engine size is quite the same, some welding required
+ Good price for NEW engine
+ Still produced for export markets (india, africa) proven engine

-low power 5.9 – 7.8 BHP to start with (tuned 50cc power)
-The exhaust goes tot he right instead of the middle.

Any more?
I like the AX100. It’s a heavy gearbox / clutch / crank with little chance of breaking.
There is room for upgrades and they are cheap!


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