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Problems in the youth entries................


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Sadly there are still instances of some parents not filling in entry forms correctly. Some don’t seem to appreciate that the entry form is a legal document and required to be correct in full for insurance purposes as well as getting their offspring in the right class.

It is doubtful whether some parents ever read the small print.

Karen Crabtree took sixty one entries for the Mansfield Maun B/C/D/ opening championship trial last Sunday.  

In that number twelve riders had no bike listed…


The Bradford and Yeadon-Guiseley clubs are running youth trials on June 10 and 11 at Skyrakes and Brimham Rocks.

Observers will be welcomed.

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Use the ACU online entry system. The solution is already available. Then all the fields on the form have to be completed or you can't complete and only licensed riders can enter...........

It's so simple to use and quick........  Some clubs now only take entries this way like the Northern Experts.....  




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47 minutes ago, gasserguy said:

Have online enteries. Then all the fields on the form have to be completed or you can't complete............



what he said

  • No (less) typos
  • money up front and cleared
  • everyone can see who enters
  • easier to enter (web and card rather than post and cheque book)
  • licences checked, etc

its really easy, and if clubs want help there are load of people about to help clubs use the system

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simple--the solution is exclude them from the event results as they have not entered the event as not filled entry form in correctly ,Why should clubs have to change the system for  riders / parents that can not bother to follow the rules ? this dose not just apply to entries- no running engines ,no riding around before start .ride sections in order we have all seen it  . Excluding them i bet the rules will be followed then !!!

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