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Txt 125 coolant in oil

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Hey I have a gasgas 125 trials. Recently picked it up and there is water in the crank case I drianed it a couple of time to clean it out than ran it for a bit and coolant is slowly getting in... is there a comon spot for it to leak in? Cracked head? Bike is a txtpro 125   2013 model

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Most often the waterpump will leak because of the seal and/or the shaft is worn. I would replace both.


To check take the waterpump off, (first release the coolant by taking of one of the hoses). Then you can take off the ''gold'' bushing (be carefull with it). Also watch the small plastic washer on the shaft. Than you can carefully block the fan, and unscrew the shaft. Take the seal clip out, and you can remove the seal.

Most often this shaft will get grouves in it and start leaking. There is a new type of pump available, or rebuild the old pump.

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