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Will it fit?


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After hearing about so many bikes being pinched I thought it was time to ditch the bike trailer and hide my pride and joy in the back of a van.

I've been thinking about getting a Ford Transit Custom SWB with a crew cab which results in a smaller space to put the trials bike (If it will fit)

Has anyone got one of these vans for taking the bike in? If I could fold down the rear seats it would just be a case of removing the rear bulkhead but the seats are fixed.

The VW Transporter Kombi can do just that but they are silly money.

Cheers Alan

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How about getting the load space dimensions off the Ford website and applying a bit of geometry (as you can load the bike diagonally if necessary)? I have a much smaller vehicle (Citroen Berlingo car version) and I'm hoping to be able to fit a bike in that. If I can't, I'm right up S__t Creek because that's what I bought it for.

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On 15/08/2017 at 8:19 PM, stanmet said:

Bike fits ok in a berlingo 

stanmet I've got an '06 Berlingo van with the folding passenger seat. I'm shopping for a first trials bike now. Its good to know that I won't have to add the cost of a trailer. Do you strap the bike in on the diagonal?

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I have a Berlingo car. I've removed both rear seats. Then pushed the passenger seat forward and made a little wooden infill to bring the rear footwell on the passenger side up to the level of the main platform. I put the loading ramp to the right of centre and run the front wheel over against the passenger side BC post. Finally I get a bit more diagonal by lifting the rear wheel slightly to the right. Headroom is only just adequate and I have to take care to keep the bike perfectly upright to stop the end of the handlebars savaging the roof lining. You should have a bit more room in the van as I assume that has no roof lining in the back.

The car has six tie-down points built-in. I don't know if the van is the same. I use three straps: one to left rear, one to right front and one to left front. Very easy.

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