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Loose fitting main bearings


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Hi I have a beta rev3 in bits and the main bearings do not sit tight on the crank .you can slide them on and off ! Is there cure for this or is it a new crank. I stripped the bike as it had end float so thought bearings were goosed but wasn't expecting this . Any help appreciated. 

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The probable cause of this is fretting or false brinelling. I do not like the practice of roughening the surface by punching or chiseling and bearing fit adhesives have a very poor success rate on cranks. Having said that if you get the crank measured and its worn under tolerance you could take the view its scrap anyway and give punching a try. I prefer JB weld or Devcon to bearing fit.

If you go to a bearing specialist they may be able to supply bearings ground to fit your worn crank (so long as its not oval). You may even be able to get your crank ground to take bearings with a slightly smaller bore.

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