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Ossa mar kickstart spring?

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just changed the clutch springs in my Ossa Mar250  trying to make the pull more acceptable and now the kickstart doesn't work when the kickstart lever is moved by hand there is very little pressure and then you hear (What i assume to be the return spring) make a spring slipping noise, but the engine hardly turns before the spring makes it's noise and the lever just flops.

Any guidance appreciated, i have checked cable isn't kinked and has plenty of slack at the lever, but have'nt gone back to original springs yet but i cant see the clutch slipping, as i know the kickstart drives through the clutch. I guess its something obvious i'm missing.

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If all you did was change the clutch springs then I'd say your clutch is slipping. The kickstart is output side of the clutch and will not turn the engine if the clutch is disengaged.

I found the lighter springs from Rex Caunt Racing needed to be adjusted a long way in to stop the clutch slip in 4th and 5th.

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