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ty175 transmission oil and yz125 clutch cover


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I just installed the clutch cover from a yz125 on my ty175. With the yz125 cover, oil starts running out of the overflow hole at about 500ml (even after distributing the new oil around the crankcase). The fill hole is in a different location and there is no dipstick with the yz125 cover. Instead, it has an overflow hole located near the front of the case and below the primary gear on the crankshaft. Looking at the dipstick on the ty175 clutch cover, it appears the oil level should be at about the top of the kickstarter shaft. This appears to be (more or less) where the overflow hole is located in the yz125 clutch cover. The yz125 cover is more compact because there's no space for the injector pump drive gear, so guess this makes sense.

I'm hoping to get confirmation that around 500ml is the right amount of oil for the ty175 with a yz125 clutch cover. Any help?

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