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How to jump from standing position?


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One of the tricks that I like but have no idea how to do it is jumping forward without any speed. How to do it?  I dont know how  do they call it. But it's often done by riders  on their videos. The're standiogn on the rock and then jump to another one. Can you explain it how to do it?

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Ohh. I thought that most of trial riders can do this. It is amazing how Toni Bou or others of trial elite can jump from one rock to another.

Ok. Now how about standing on two wheels and then lifting front wheel and jumping forward. How to jump more than 40 cm long.?

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One of the best ways to learn some of the basic stuff like this is with a trails training DVD.  Then record yourself when you practice it.  Then when you play it back you can compare it to the training DVD to see if it looks correct.  

Hope that helps.


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On 9/26/2017 at 4:41 PM, oni nou said:


The techniques used here on the bicycle are the ones that Toni Bou uses on the motorbike to help make him so much Better than others.

I have to disagree with the bicycle! I recently started a similar thread and actually going to start a new one showing the recent video of Pat Smage and Bou riding bicycles together!

I too bought a trials bicycle for cross training and I use to be a BMX rider. apart from balance, the skills are not at all transferable  in my opinion. 

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Most of what it transferable from bicycle to moto-trials is indoor X-Trials stuff and isn't as helpful to outdoor moto-trials.  I am sure some of the bicycle trials skills can help outdoor but how much?  I feel my trials bicycle has helped a bit with my moto-trials but it isn't the same and I will not try to pretend it is.  

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I would think that the skill which transfers the best is the ability to maintain a dedicated and methodical practice regime.

Apply that to either/any discipline and you will get results.  Another way of saying that a person who can teach themselves to "hop" on a bicycle could probably also have learnt on a motorcycle.


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