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Ossa tr280 2013 piston. S3 or standard?

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Hi All

Im replacing the piston in my 2013 ossa tr280.

I am having trouble finding an oem piston kit anywhere. I did notive that there is a s3 racing piston kit available - has anyone had any experience with this kit?

I am also replacing the cylinder or perhaps sending the bore away for rechroming. Its about the same price either way- any thoughts?

Thanks for your time


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I just recently put S3 standard (A) into B bore.

I have the very high compression (2013) head and also mine tends to run hot often so it's a good choice to avoid seizure and give the engine more "relaxed" operation (less friction) when hot.

Just check if you see honing marks on the bore (the around 45-degree oval lines) in the working space of piston, if you see those clearly in reflection and you see no excessively worn spots then you're fine without doing re-boring/re-coating, just put in a new piston with rings.

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My 2012 OSSA TRI 280 FACTORY just begin to change sound more like rattling. The engine had never been rebuilt and I fear that it become worn. Before opening I looked for S3 piston and there are 3 size A B C.  how do you know if the size of the piston is A or B or C. The engine have many hours on it. Is it difficult to replace the piston?

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