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BVM broken into overnight,


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Sad day for the boys at BVM, they have had All their bikes and some kit taken, this world is full of scumbags :angry: keep an eye out for anything being sold cheap and let the guys know, or the police.


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According to Gloucester Police, the bikes stolen were:
Sherco 2014 250cc
Sherco 2016 250cc
Sherco 2016 300cc
TRS 2018 250cc
Beta 2017 250cc
Beta 2010 250cc
Beta 2018 300cc
Montesa 4rt 2005
TRS 2017 
Gas Gas 2005 280cc
Oset 2017 16.0 Racing
Oset 2017 20.0 Racing
Jitsie Varial 20"
Jitsie Varial Mini
A large selection of Wulf Gloves and £500 in cash was also taken.

To lift this much, these must have been "professional" thieves. Please, everyone, if you are thinking of buying any bike that fits the above, check the provenance very carefully. If in doubt, contact the police on 101 and quote Incident 65, 31 Oct. For the good of everyone, not just BVM, these scrotes must be dealt with.

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Remember, dialling 101 will take you to the force where your dialling from. So if your buying one in Kent and dial 101 it'll go to Kent police, who won't have a clue what that reference relates too!


Any concerns call Gloucester Police with that reference number! You don't want to get stung cause you've dialled the wrong force.

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I would suggest calling bvm dudes directly, not plod, as they will not give a toss, try to not make the seller suspicious, as if plod involved they will send someone round in a week, maybe, by that time the bike, bikes will be long gone!

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I know how it feels. I had my workshop broken into back in the UK, 4 classic Brit bikes stolen - all customers. Alarms and phone lines cut, gas torch on the iron bars and grills and roller shutter door, gas ran out and the scumbags finished off with battery angle grinders... On an industrial estate - nobody saw or heard a thing. Absolute nightmare with paperwork and the insurance.

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On 5/9/2018 at 9:37 PM, heffergm said:

Surely they have insurance? 

Insurers won't keep insuring a business if break ins happen too often.

And you can guarantee the premium will be up for future.

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That's got to be more than one van load..............not been to their place so don't know area, but hopefully there will be cctv recording of the scumbags............(although probably vehicle(s) used are most likely nicked.......and burned out now !)  :(:(

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