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British WTC 2018

nigel dabster

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6 hours ago, nigel dabster said:

No one cares except the teams that make up the championship as they have the trucks.

In case you havent been to a wtc recently trucks are a big part of these events and have been for ten years or more for lots of reasons.

I would suggest it would look and feel like a centre trial if they all had transits, but such is life.

Maybe its a turning point maybe not but its great news that its on at all after last year, and im sure a silent majority will prefer this venue to tong regardless of trucks.

I have been to a WTC recently, and i certainly didnt go to see to see the trucks. If i wanted to see trucks id go to a MX or MotoGP, or to my local Scania dealer. Id prefer it if they did turn up in transits, at least we could see more of the riders and the mechanics rather than them hiding behind an awning. 

But you are right, its the world we live in now, and the big teams do have the clout to dictate for things like this. 

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Addingham is a cracking venue and I must of left several kilos of aluminium and flesh ther in my younger days especially at Gordon’s Jackson’s super hard trials ?

not concerned about the trucks but they do give atmosphere but would be good to have some mud and streams.

addingham does get slippery but very much a Yorkshire Spain as far as sections are concerned.

maybe they can have the the paddock on the top and use all the effluent to form a good stream section ?

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1 hour ago, jimmyl said:

addingham does get slippery but very much a Yorkshire Spain as far as sections are concerned.

I hear ya, the spanish will be rubbing their hands when they see all the grippy rocks  ?

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Great Venue, not just because its a stones throw away.

Lots of work for organising traffic and spectators at this venue, over the years those rocks have been ridden thousands of times,  it will be fantastic seeing the top guys riding sections there that have never been thought possible! 

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We all remember when JT bunked up in his truck years ago outdoing everyone else in the car park then it has just got silly with 40 foot artics. Possibly plenty of venues available out there but not the infrastructure to cater for the current set up so maybe by discouraging them will help the sport and more people wanting to host?

Back on post great venue bring your passports to enter “Gods County” ?

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