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250 vs 300


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Hi all , 

been looking for a new bike , have narrowed it down to 2013 evo 250 .. this bike looks super clean .. 

or a 2014 evo 300 , again pretty clean .. 

both are road reg, both are about the same money 100 -+ ..  I like the look of them both .. 

i was hoping for a little advice on both , anything bad with either of these years , is there much difference between the two , is the 300 better having a bit more power ? 


Any thoughts or advice would be great ?? 



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Can't go wrong with either one, newer is better, less hours? Smaller, lighter rider, or no experience would prefer the 250. Put it on a stand and feel how much play in the rear linkage and the wheel bearings, headstock. Any chips or scratches in the front forks. Leaking seals. Does it need a new chain and sprockets, any loose spokes?

I all way's look at who i'm buying from. Is his garage neat and tidy? does he look after his stuff. Or is there crap and garbage laying everywhere?

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the newer one , looks to have had a little more of a harder life ...   where as the year older looks like new , it is so clean the guy said he is a little ocd  .. but both bikes don't want for anything , and there is £100 difference in it ..  


I think I'm leaning towards the older one , simply because it looks so clean


was there any significant upgrades , changes between the two years 2013 and 2014 , or was it just cosmetic ??   

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so ..   

 thinking about both bikes I thought id save a bit and get the super clean 250 ..   started looking at the pics a bit more , compared them to photos on google , turns out some of the stickers are missing , no big problem , thought Id ask , the guy said he replaced the plastic as it had a little scratch, he went on to say that the oil has been changed every second time out , along with the filter ?.. seemed a bit overboard ...    He said he was a mature rider and has only use the bike around single tracks and small logs , said he hasn't the nerve for much bigger ...      Funny tho as he has photos on FB jumping between massive rocks ...   I asked him about all this , no reply ..  

When something seems too good to be true , it normally is ..   

Looks like its the 300 ... I hope this guy is more genuine ... 

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I’m a total novice to trials (had plenty of road and Mx bikes mind) and have a 2016 250 beta evo and it’s perfect for me. I’m not the lightest, tad under 16 stone. 

The bikes super light and has more than enough power. Considering the age you are looking at I would buy on condition, I also agree look at the surroundings it’s coming from. I have a OCD and my bikes like new and kept in top condition, most people who see it thinks it’s never been used! 

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