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2018 evo fuel cap


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It’s aluminum threaded into aluminum so it can’t really swell. As pointed out though it’s real easy to overtighten and gall the threads especially when new. Tiny dab of antiseize or just wait until it wears in.

Duh just looked at my ‘18 and it’s plastic so what I said above is obviously the ravings of a madman. My apologies.

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Me and another person I know who has the evo 2018 are having problems with the plastic cap, I have had to cut a few threads off the bottom of the cap for it to sit better and less threads to do up or I would have never got it back on ,  I might take a trip to my dealer or phone them after Christmas to see what they will say about the issue. 

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Nice one Scottishsteve hope the replacement is better, I never had a problem with my 2012 evo 250 petrol cap but this 2018 model is bad, I also noticed that my lower airbox plug just spins and I can't get it off all ?

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I have exactly the same problem, by the 3rd time out of the bike it was to the point it actually hurt trying to get it off, putting it on is an absolute nightmare to catch it then only goes in slightly! My dealer told me there onto it! Waiting for a replacement.

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