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2015 Gas Gas Suspension set up.


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Hi All

My mate has just bought a Gas gas TXT pro 300 2015, it was bought from a lady rider who I believe rode in some world rounds, so the bike is set up luvly. The issue we have is that the suspension was set up for her I would imagine she weighs 9 stone, my pal weight 13 stone. How do we get it back to factory setting? To we  have set sag and if so what is best way to do this. Also he is just getting into to trials so he won't be doing any hopping around just yet, so we just need rebound to be slow I think. We obviously need to set front and back shocks.


Any help would be very much appreciated!





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You need the original weight spring to start with,set to about 10mm of free sag without the rider.Just set the damping somewhere in the middle and see how it feels,if it rebounds too quickly it won't grip as well.Both front and rear want to compress equally when you push down on the seat.

The forks have damping adjustment one side and spring preload the other,doubt they've been revalved.Id start with the back end then adjust the front to suit

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