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Ty 175 forktubes


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Hi guys, a quick question, the fork tubes on the ty are in poor condition. I'm thinking I could have them reground and rechromed somewhere. But I have been offered a pair of DT 175 tubes, not immaculate but a lot better than what's currently on. I appreciate the legs may be different but what's the chances of the Ty and DT sharing the same stanchion tubes?



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Yes some model DT175s had the same diameter (but longer) fork tubes. TY175 is 30mm so you are looking for for DT175 ABCDE. F and later are bigger diameter. Unfortunately they are as old as TY175 fork tubes so good luck finding any that are in better condition.

You may do OK with some models of CR80 and other 80cc MX bikes which also had 30mm fork tubes and are newer than TY175 era

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Thanks feetup, I'm thinking the ones on offer are the larger diameter like you said. I think the part number for Ty is 525 231 2400 but I tried cross referencing on another Yamaha website and the forks I could get are part 315 2312450. I think I'll pass on them. I seen online you can get reground and rechrome for £150 ish which isn't too bad for what is involved and at least they would be as good as new. I'll definitely look into the cr80 option though, so thanks for that. I'm not sure if the company's that offer reground service would turn away extremely pitted forks or is it salvageable. 

Ill post a pic when I get a chance 

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 I would look for a set of ty250 forks and yokes, or you can have your existing yokes bored out to fit the larger 250 tubes. It makes a considerable noticeable difference in how stiff the front end is when you turn in rocks and also a softer suspension there seems to be a lot more volume of oil and damping in there 

 I did this on mine last summer. Only rode one or two events but it was definitely noticeable better 

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Ok so it turned out the DT stanchions I could get were the right size after all. So I got lucky there. 

Just a quick fit into the fork leg to see but there's a million other jobs to do first. There not perfect but a good bit better than what was on before. 

New fork seals etc to go in, rather than dust seals I'm going to fit the neoprene socks, I have them on my gas gas and work brilliantly. 

Looking forward to the new stainless spokes to arrive to get the wheels cleaned up. 



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