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Spark Plug Gap with Electrex


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I recently converted my M49 to an electronic ignition using the Electrex product - works great out of the box!

In the stock configuration, the manual specifies a spark plug gap of 0.35 to 0.45 mm. Wondering if with the newer electronic ignition, should I be using a larger spark plug gap like 0.60mm to possibly get a fatter spark??

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I use 1 of there systems in my CZ380 & run a iridium plug with the gap as it leaves NGK which is 0.7mm from memory, I wouldn't try adjusting the gap on that style plug as the centre electrode is really fine

Never had a problem with hard starting, flame outs or fouling. My TY250 has 1 of their systems as well but I haven't used it yet, will be using the fine wire plug in that as well

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Setting the gap on an Iridium plug is no more difficult than a standard plug, just be careful. Top tip...if the gap has altered with normal running and no outside interference then the plug should really be replaced as it’s worn out. Top tip no 2 iridium plugs should last for 60+000 miles in a car engine so expect at least a lifetime (40+000 miles) in a Trials bike engine. For my sins I used to be a NGK Wholesaler.??

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