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John Hewitt

Pre 65 sidecars

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Is there anywhere in the Yorkshire area that does pre 65 sidecar trials. I am a complete novice although  I raced sidecar outfits for 27 years and now find I am missing being involved in some form of motorcycle sport.  I have been in touch with a number of clubs and it seems no one caters for sidecars within a 3 hour drive of me

I would even be interested in twinshock but it has to be sidecars.


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Hi.  Sorry to say there is absolutely no sidecar activity these days in Yorkshire. Going back to the early 80s the Richmond club had a thriving sidecar scene with up to 70 modern style sidecars (for those days) in big trials, now there are none. There is some very limited activity in the south but not in the area you are looking for.

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Have a look at the ACTC events: there is one in Yorkshire and one in Co. Durham but most are in the South West . Their events are great fun and are old fashioned type trials sometimes involving road work and the sections are sometimes just a steep rocky greasy climb starting in deep mud at the bottom and a restart part way up. Not all of the trials include sidecars, most of the outfits are converted enduros but I have fun entering on my 1950 Norton 500T outfit. Some VMCC sections also organise trials which include outfits: Taverners in Leicestershire, which is well within 3hrs drive of Selby, organise a couple each year. There is a Taverners member active on this site so you may be getting some more info.



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