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Illegal Riding


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Every year same old, same old with illegal riders following the course of the Pre 65 and published at the bottom of the results?

These people are obviously not concerned about the future of both the Pre 65 or the SSDT. In some people’s minds it is like anything you are doing wrong you will continue to do it until you are caught, hence they continue and it will be the same next year. 

Publishing it year on year out falls on deaf ears and I have sympathy with the officials as they cannot man every bit of the course so what indeed is the solution to this ongoing problem to preserve both of the events?

Maybe the landowners one day will pull the plug? If you are one of those illegals reading this.............thank you!!

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Recently the ACU have had problems with illegal riding in Thetford Forest risking enduro events, if police catch illegal riders they will impound and crush their machines. Perhaps the same action should be taken if illegal riders are found on Pre 65 or SSDT courses without the permission of  the organisers.

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