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stator timing and possible rebuild cost ?

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I've just pulled my flywheel to check the seal and you can see its gone by the puddle on the picture. Does the stator look like its timed correctly its a 2011 st 125.  I'm going to change the crank seal anyways and clean the actual stator as you can see it needs it.  The bike has had problems staying ticking over and after fitting a new pilot jet I checked the seal, would this potentially have been the problem.

Also if I need to change the mains how much do you think it would be please.

Thanks for any help.




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it appears to be timed correctly, as the index mark is just right of the top stator plate bolt and aligned with the right edge of the case casting boss.

remove stator plate and the seal pops out! yet a whole nuther deal on the main bearings as the cases must be split.

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Easiest way to work out the price of parts for a rebuild is to go to Splatshop's site & start a cart, generally there will be a suggestion at the bottom of each page of other parts that may be needed.

When rebuilding Shercos the head does not need removing from the cylinder so there is a saving

Basic list of things to buy when doing the mains are

Main bearings

Viton crank seals for both sides

Gaskets - clutch, centre case, base

Check the waterpump shaft for grooves & replace if needed, replace the seals there as well

A quick look came up with roughly 82 pounds plus freight, cost of the centre case gasket was the major shock at 21 pounds which is higher than the main bearings

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