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Montesa oil


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Hi everyone, 


Collecting a new repsol rep next week. Just a quick questions on oils. I'll be running the Elf oil in the gearbox and have bought some Castrol power 1 racing fully synthetic 10w30 for the engine. 

I've since noticed some are running 10w40 although the manual states 10w30 repsol. Will the stuff i've bought be ok? Quite happy to return it for 10w40 or the even the standard power 1 semi synthetic in either wights if more suited?


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Googled the following

"When referencing motor oil weight, you are actually referring to the viscosity grade or the tendency of a liquid to flow slowly or quickly. 

In regard to multigrade oils, the first number in the code, such as 10W in SAE 10W-30, means that the oil can still be pumped by the engine at a temperature as low as a single grade 10W oil. A 5W, like in SAE 5W-30, can be pumped at an even lower temperature, and a 0W, like in SAE 0W-30, will pump at the lowest tested temperatures. The W in the designation is commonly thought to represent weight, but in fact stands for Winter. The second number, 30, indicates how well the oil will flow when heated to 100C/212F or higher.

As engines have become more technologically advanced, engine clearance levels and viscosity grade recommendations may have been reduced, hence the reason your father swore by SAE 20W-50 and your engine calls for SAE 5W-30. If a thicker oil is used in some of todays high-tech, small clearance engines, oil pressure may increase, but the possibility of improper lubrication can result if the oil can not adequately flow through the engine."

so I guess the 10w 30 is slightly thinner at normal operating temps than the original specified 10w 40


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